Providing our clients with financial advice given the recent changes in international tax legislation under global Common Reporting Standards is a very specialist area of expertise and requires careful planning. Our end objective is to ensure that world-wide assets are bullet-proofed against inheritance taxes, probate and other potential problems with careful consideration for the OECD standards and regulations. Particular care and attention needs to be applied to ensure that our succession planning structures are both compliant under the OECD Common Reporting Standards and will not be challenged under global anti-avoidance legislation.

Cross border tax planning is highly complicated and requires expertise in two countries for foreign nationals living abroad. There could be tax obligations to meet in both countries and getting it wrong could have significant consequences which could be avoided. There could be reporting obligations in both countries and the product recommended should be compliant under the tax laws of each. This is very much the starting point of our advice process.  We assist with all aspects of cross-border financial planning and administration – both within in the EU and your country of tax residency in all matters relating to structures and investments held offshore.

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