There is a global trend towards International retirement trusts which provide significant benefits for investors resident in most EU jurisdictions who wish to secure their long term financial future specifically for retirement planning purposes. An increasing number of specialist offshore trustees are now offering offshore domiciled international retirement trusts.

These plans are written under one of the most robust pieces of pension legislation in the world in secure offshore jurisdiction of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. International retirement trusts provide significant peace of mind and security including attractive levels of tax efficiency, whilst mitigating cross-border complexities of holding international assets and ensuring seamless and efficient passing on of wealth.

Financial outcomes:    
• No negative tax implications on contributions    
• Assets grow free of tax within the pension      
• Foreign pension income exempt from tax
• Death benefit not subject to tax in most EU countries      
• Not subject to probate and executor costs on death      
• Significant cost savings are achieved by re-structuring assets in multi-jurisdictions      
• Consolidation of world-wide assets in a simple, easy to administer and cost effective structure
• Peace of mind for beneficiaries as death benefits are paid promptly
• Mitigates cost of foreign probate

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