“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.”


At St James Global, we believe in the need for financial coaching within our approach to you, our valued customer. We live busy and stressful lives and have to make more decisions daily, either with our gut or alternatively, we overthink and do not make any decisions at all. Moreover, sometimes we make decisions but don’t act upon them – at times, it seems if our hearts and minds are not in sync. Unnecessary stress leads to illness and illness leads to more stress. There is a direct link between financial wellness and physical and mental wellness. Financial coaching will not only include the planning of tax, insurance, investment, estates and wills but also being explicitly aware of the behavior’s and emotions of our customers. It enables one to better understand oneself, considering your specific circumstances and greatly assists in making wholehearted financial choices and taking control of your destiny. By building coaching into our client engagement, we are able to focus more on helping our clients take control of their finances based on their current situations and goals whereas many financial planners provide specific advice that may not always be beneficial depending on the financial circumstances.

Maximize your growth.

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