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St James Global was established in South Africa in 2002 by Paul Nicholson. An International Financial Services Company providing offshore investment advice and asset protection, encompassing reliable retirement, estate and succession planning, security and peace of mind.

Helping international investors with their offshore investments and structures for over 30 years, St James Global provide clients with the experience and know-how they deserve in a world of ever changing tax legislation and compliance. St James Global is truly independent and can provide unbiased and impartial advice across a universe of products, services and jurisdictions.

Products and solutions are designed to protect and preserve wealth in a safe and secure environment with particular reference on transparency of fees which are amongst the lowest in the industry, combined with and active but careful management process.


St James Global have over many years established sound relationships with some of the world’s largest and most respected corporate trustees and financial institutions. For expatriates living in the European Union, St James Global provide an extensive range of robust and compliant financial services and turn key solutions in the most secure and well-regulated offshore Jurisdictions around the world including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Luxembourg.

All of these jurisdictions benefit from stable governments, excellent communication links and state of the art financial technology with stringent regulatory controls and safety measures in place to ensure maximum protection for our clients.


Overcharged and under-serviced?

Local service and ongoing consultation is vital to us to keep on top of our clients everchanging needs and requirements and at the same time providing them with up to date information and comprehensive reporting on their investments. As a client of St James Global, we visit you on a regular programmed basis to ensure that your investment holdings are compatible with your requirements and market conditions at all times.

Ongoing consultation, ease of administration and satisfactory performance will ensure that you will remain a happy client for many years to come. In the event of the death of a spouse, our services remain unchanged. The keywords motivating our service interaction with our clients are personalised, uncomplicated, cost effective and tax efficient.

St. James Global can demonstrate a sound track record and performance history going back some 25 years. As part of your due-diligence process on us, we make available personal and corporate references at the highest possible level to give you the comfort that our management and services are sound.



Based in the Algarve in Portugal, we are way ahead of the curve in terms of offering specialist financial advice to expatriates in an ever changing financial environment and are well placed to advise clients throughout the EU member States.

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Cross border tax planning is highly complicated and requires expertise in two countries for foreign nationals living abroad. There could be tax obligations to meet in both countries and getting it wrong could have significant consequences which could be avoided.

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Our advice starts with the re-structuring of one’s affairs into compliant, cost effective and easy to administer offshore structures to ensure that assets pass onto future generations immediately and without costly and lengthy probate procedures

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Wealth management is an essential role in the lives of those who wish to increase their wealth and ensure financial security come retirement age. The world of investment and financial management is a complicated one.

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An increasing number of specialist offshore trustees are now offering offshore domiciled international retirement trusts. These plans are written under one of the most robust pieces of pension legislation in the world in secure offshore jurisdiction of Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

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The advantages of a QROPS, (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) are numerous. If you have left the UK or you are planning to leave, then a QROPS is likely to be a suitable pension solution for you.

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As part of our proposition, we provide clients with advice and access to local and international banking facilities and   regular savings offshore.

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St James Global have an ongoing range of exciting webinars covering a wide range of products and topics relevant to the expatriate way of planning their finances and structuring their retirement income.

This is a free initial 30 minute assessment.

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